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They have always told you this story 

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 Someone tries to tell it like this 

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 This is how it should be told 

A book, a blog, a column and a podcast by Johann Merrich to discover a new history of electronic music, finally equal and inclusive.

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Johann Merrich

Organizzatrice di suoni e ricercatrice indipendente, mi occupo di storie dimenticate dal 2009.

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And don't call it female electronic music

There is also my essay "And don’t call it female electronica music" in the exhibition catalogue "Electro: from Kraftwerk to Techno" open to the public until May 15 at the Düsseldorf Kunstpalast. After the stages in Paris and London, the exhibition curated by the Musée de la Musique - Philharmonie de Paris,  has arrived in Germany, where it has been produced and adapted in collaboration with Kunstpalast and conceived in close cooperation with Ralf Hütter.Curators of the show are Alain Bieber, Artistic Director of NRW-Forum, and Jean-Yves Leloup.

A tool to sing the inclusion: the theremin, Clara Rockmore and the black community

An essay to investigate Clara Rockmore’s debut and a new social aspect of her musical parable. The writing is part of the collective volume "L’elettronica è donna. Media, devices and practices for a transfeminist and queer language" edited by Claudia Attimonelli and Caterina Tomeo, Castelvecchi Editore (the book will be available only in Italian language).

L'edizione aggiornata, in lingua inglese di Breve Storia della Musica Elettronica

Grazie all'inestimabile contributo e sostegno di Heroines of Sound Festival e di Mariann Steegmann Foundation, Breve Storia della Musica Elettronica e delle sue Protagoniste è ora disponibile anche in lingua inglese, impreziosito da due capitoli aggiuntivi assenti nell'edizione in lingua italiana.

Distribuito da Arcana Edizioni, il volume è stato tradottoè  da Barbara Beatrice Lavitola e Mattia Brundo, BBL Translation. La copertina è stata creata da eeviac.


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