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"Uno strumento dal futuro per cantare l'inclusione. Il theremin, Clara Rockmore e la Black Community",  in L'Elettronica è Donna a cura di C. Attimonelli, C. Tomeo [Castelvecchi Editore, 2022].

"And Don't Call it Female Electronic Music", in Electro. From Kraftwerk to Techno, Exhibition Catalogue. Düsseldorf, Kunstpalast. A cura di Alain Bieber, Jean-Yves Leloup, in collaborazione con  Ralf Hütter [2022].

Serie 2022 | Studi di Musica Elettronica

Brevi Storie at

*Divided into annual research themes accompanied by illustrations by eeviac,

the Brevi Storia / Short Stories have been written for and published between 2019 and 2022. 

- - Content available in Italian.


 Stagione 2022 | Electronic Music Studios 

Six chances to begin research on the origin of electroacoustic and electronic music in the EMS that were established in Sweden, Norway, Turkey, Serbia, Greece, and Egypt.

 Stagione 2021 | Elettronica Multiculturale • La Black Community Statunitense 

A transversal look to start building new narratives dedicated to some pioneers of American electroacoustic and electronic music: Olly Wilson, Sun Ra, Rashaan Roland Kirk, Juan Atkins, Lavinia Williams, Paul Robeson, American Negro Ballet Company.

 Stagione 2021 | Miscellanea 

Amateur radio, Australian terpsitone virtuoso, pioneer of the electromagnetic field, experimenters of cinema and art in motion.

 Stagione 2020 | Nuovi mondi 

Histories from India, Egypt, Russia, Poland and Japan to reveal more faces of electronic music.