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Sound organizer and part of the experimental duo L'Impero della Luce/The Empire of Light, Johann Merrich is a freelance researcher in the fields of electronic music history, where she focuses her attention on the contributions of women in the construction of new sound.

She is the author of the books Short History of Electronic Music and its Women Protagonists (translated into English thanks to The Mariann Steegmann Foundation & Heroines of Sound Festival) and Le Pioniere della Musica Elettronica/Pioneering Women of Electronic Music (Auditorium Edizioni, Milano 2012).

Since 2019, her monthly column "Brevi Storie“/"Short Stories" is hosted by,Tempo Reale’s web portal.

Her articles have appeared on the Red Bull Music Academy Daily and Thomann International blogs.

Since 2021, her Short Stories are streamed by USMARADIO.

Every Saturday, since 2018, she has been sending to her Italians readers the weekly email Brevi Storie.

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Listen to my latest album

ES is a collection of seven electronic experiments created with synthesizers and sampling techniques.


The tracks were made with different intentions between 2017 and 2020: The green grass of Sirius and Machines were recorded to answer two call for works by netlabel electronicgirls; 35, How to visualize objects, Giardinetti and Es were born during the search for gimmicks and sound organization exercises, while the longest fragment of the collection, A, has been extracted from the structure of a live set played between 2018 and 2019.
As a whole,
Es is the stream of consciousness that emerges during the spontaneous and intuitive act of the construction of electronic sound and its organization.

Conceived, recorded and mixed by Johann Merrich between 2017 & 2021.
Mastered by Tommaso Mantelli at Lesder Studio 
Artwork: eeviac
Invaluable contributions & support: eeviac, Tommaso Mantelli.


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